In March 2013, our family travelled to Myrtle Beach for the March Break. With temperatures in the 60’s, we still managed to enjoy some beach and pool time, shopping and fun family outings. One such outing was outdoor mini-putting. Afterwards, we all felt like eating some ice cream. We drove around the block into Market Town where we found a quaint shop with bistro tables and chairs outside called Barking Fish Frozen Yogurt. Upon entering the shop, we were pleasantly greeted by the middle-aged female owner who happily informed us of all the benefits of the yogurt. I was immediately impressed!

She then led us to the three machines toward the back of the shop where we could select from a variety of flavors to pump into our paper yogurt bowls. Next was a counter of toppings. First, an array of fresh fruit, then a small selection of dry toppings like granola, nuts, graham wafer crumbs, cookie crumbs, smarties and a few syrups. She weighed all four of our bowls, we paid and then exited to the outdoor patio.


As we delighted in the yummy taste of our newfound dessert creations, I found the wheels in my head were spinning. I loved what we had just witnessed and experienced! So did my husband. This was both fun and tasty. I loved the healthfulness of the product, the simplicity of the business, the creative concept and of course, the incredible taste! Would Barrie embrace something like this, we asked ourselves?


For the entire drive home from Myrtle Beach and for the next ensuing weeks, we researched this market thoroughly. As we did so, we got more excited. We selected a name, incorporated the business and began our search for the ideal location. The search for a location took six months in total but the wait was worth it as we finally found the ideal location at 89 Dunlop Street East, Unit 101 - beside Memorial Square and across from beautiful Heritage Park. It even has a lakefront patio!


Bringing Swirleez to life has been a totally exhilarating experience for us and we look forward to bringing the creative experience and tantalizing tastes to the residents and tourists of Barrie.

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Phone: (705) 252-5129

Email: info@swirleez.com

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Downtown Barrie, across from Heritage Park and beside Meridian Place – look for the pink awnings.


89 Dunlop Street, Unit 101

Barrie Ontario L4M 1A7




Monday to Thursday 2PM-9PM

Friday 2PM - 10PM
Saturday 12PM - 10PM

Sunday 12PM - 9PM

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